Paradeigma conceives, develops and retails organic and gluten-free products.

The whole range is suitable for a gluten-free diet, not just for people with coeliac’s disease but also for all those who care about eating healthy, safe, organic foods.

Organic buckwheat and tigernut flour:

We offer healthy, high quality products. We use buckwheat flour because of its high nutritional value and ingredients such as tigernuts are used in our cocoa-cream as they offer a tasty alternative to tree nuts.

Gluten-free recipes:

Delicious products, organic and gluten free to accompany daily meals, for both children and adults. Some of the Paradeigma products come in convenient sized sachets sealed for freshness and crispness; easy to carry as tasty, healthy snacks.

5 grain crackers


Our delicious 5 grain cracker, buckwheat, rice, corn, millet, amaranth can serve as a breakfast food.




Pack of 160 g


Best before: 18 months
GENCOD : 3760152700490


Variety of 5 grains selected for their nutritional value, the crackers contain magnesium

Rice flour* 49 %
Buckwheat flour* 20 %
Corn flour* 20 %
Millet flour* 5 %
Amaranth flour* 5 %
Sea salt 1 %
*certified organic
May contain traces of milk and soy


Per 100 g

Serving Size
(1 sachet of 20 g)

% DV*
par 20 g


361 kcal


(1531 kJ)

72 kcal


(306 kJ)

4 %


of which saturates

1,8 g

0,4 g

0,4 g

0,1 g

1 %

< 1%


of which sugars

76,4 g

0,6 g

15,3 g

0,1 g

6 %

< 1%


2,9 g

0,6 g

2 %


8,4 g

1,7 g

3 %


1,30 g

0,26 g

4 %




85 mg


17 mg


5 %

Certified organic and guaranteed gluten-free

All of our products are created in dedicated gluten free facilities. There is zero risk of gluten contamination from processing storage to transportation

We submit to additional testing to verify that all our products are certified gluten free (legal norms)

Baked under 140 °C (284 °F) to prevent toasting (Maillard reaction). The cracker is still crunchy

Reduced-fat products (low-fat baking method)

Individually wrapped packets sealed for freshness, handy, keeps flavour and texture

Easily spreadable cracker (no scrumb)

Store in a cold and dry place



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